Fantastic Fungi & Friends

Virtue Local Art Market 481 E Market St, Hallam, PA, United States

Dark Hollow Biodynamic will be joining this year's Fantastic Fungi & Friends at Virtue Local Art Market.  Joining us will be forager and photographer Sarah Letourneau of @forest_apsara instagram page bringing specimens of seasonal foraged fungi and showcasing her photography of mushrooms across the Eastern Seaboard. Dark Hollow Biodynamic will be selling native elderberry cuttings, …

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St. John’s Day

St. John's festival celebrates the the human being who stands at a threshold between an older consciousness (Biblically the era of prophets of which St. John was the last) and the new consciousness, a conscioussness imbued with the Holy Spirit within the human being. St John’s message and words had an inner fire of spiritual …

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Foraged and Native Cocktail Hour, Native Plant ID Walk & BD Farm Tour

Dark Hollow Biodynamic 6924 Dark Hollow Road, Wrightsville, PA, United States

This special fundraiser raises money for the amazing program at the Susquehanna Waldorf School in Marietta, PA.  The first set of tickets will be at a benefit auction March 2nd.  Additional tickets will be offered afterward, based on availability, with proceeds going to this beautiful school across the river from us! Find out more about …

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A treasured fall tradition in many Waldorf schools and Anthroposophical circles as well as some European Christians, Michaelmas is an ancient festival whose central message remains relevant across the centuries. It speaks to us of human potential, of fear, of courage in the face of fear, and of the possibility for transformation. In Biodynamics, Michaelmas …

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