Holy Nights Seed Burial

Many biodynamic practitioners bury the seeds they intend to plant over the holy nights. The seeds are placed in a box or jar and buried between 18 and 24 inches underground.  The forces of life go within the earth and are strongest over these 12 nights. Seeds buried over the holy nights have increased health …

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Three Kings Day

According to the Biblical story, the Three Kings (also called wise men or magi) – named Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar – followed the Star of Bethlehem to find the birth place of Baby Jesus. They presented the baby with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. On this day, many biodynamic practitioners will prepare a mixture of …

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Regenerative Field & Forest Management – Volunteer Day

Dark Hollow Biodynamic 6924 Dark Hollow Road, Wrightsville, PA, United States

Need a regenerative farm fix? Come to our afternoon of volunteering with food and snacks provided where we will be: Identifying and removing some non-native plants Planting native perennial trees and shrubs to fill those niches Building hillside check dams and wildlife stacks from natural materials Structuring and reinforcing hillside trails Meet and interact with …

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Fantastic Fungi & Friends

Virtue Local Art Market 481 E Market St, Hallam, PA, United States

Dark Hollow Biodynamic will be joining this year's Fantastic Fungi & Friends at Virtue Local Art Market.  Joining us will be forager and photographer Sarah Letourneau of @forest_apsara instagram page bringing specimens of seasonal foraged fungi and showcasing her photography of mushrooms across the Eastern Seaboard. Dark Hollow Biodynamic will be selling native elderberry cuttings, …

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St. John’s Day

St. John's festival celebrates the the human being who stands at a threshold between an older consciousness (Biblically the era of prophets of which St. John was the last) and the new consciousness, a conscioussness imbued with the Holy Spirit within the human being. St John’s message and words had an inner fire of spiritual …

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