Three Kings Biodynamic Preparation


The Three Kings Preparation is one of several special preparations created by Hugo Erbe (1885-1965) who was a German biodynamic farmer. Erbe developed a very close connection to the elemental world and constantly worked to find ways of encouraging their beneficial influences.


As many of us know, the precious gifts brought by the three kings from the East to present to the Jesus child were:


According to ancient mystery wisdom, these substances are powerful symbols of awareness for supersensible spiritual events. When prepared in the right way these three holy substances become gifts to the earth and to the elemental world.  This package is based on Erbes preparations with some slight modifications for region, our current paradigm and availability. 

What's in it?

The package contains 5g each of:

  • Aurum metallicum D12 – gold (Weleda)

  • Frankincense resin (sourced from the Holy Land)

  • Myrrh resin (sourced from the Holy Land)


These have been ground for an hour in a stone mortar and made into a paste using vegetable glycerin.

Preparing Three Kings for Use

On Three Kings Day (6th January), prepare a 3+ gallon non-metallic container (crock or bucket).  In this container, dissolve 1 tsp of the preparation in a bit of warm water (Around 60°C).  Stir in a little over 2 gallons of water from a natural source that has been warmed by the sun.  Then, have those present stir this mixture in the following manner:


First, use your hand to stir around the periphery of the container in a single direction until a vortex is formed [picture] Once there is a cone in the middle that nearly reaches the bottom, reverse the direction of your stir against the current until a neat vortex is formed in the other direction. Continue doing this clockwise and counterclockwise for one hour. While stirring, the stirrer and group should allow the intended purpose of the spray to fill their minds and keep reverence..


The finished mixture should be sprayed out immediately after stirring during late afternoon (the cosmic-etheric inbreathing period) using a bucket and brush or a bundle of pine needles or other straw-like material.  It should be sprayed outwards along a property boundary at 16 ft intervals.  Josephine Porter Institute uses the form of an outward-moving spiral from the central focus of the property on which it was applied to bless the land and the elementals with this preparation.