Two Stories from Southwest Florida

My family found ourselves having to move far away from our home in Marietta, PA and what we found was a new environment, culture, new ecology and new ways to garden. Of course we can\’t stop growing things, working on our regenerative lifestyle and capturing stories of the people we meet along the way.

One person I met was the person I couldn\’t help but buy sauerkraut from. When my wife and I came up on the Fermentlicious trailer and tent at the Sarasota Farmer\’s Market, we knew this was something special. She took time to tell us about the care she put into the food in hopes that it would heal people. I\’m grateful that I got to learn even more about her story as she allowed me to go and film her at her home and ferment kitchen! Meet Sharon!

And then there\’s Albert who has an AMAZING perfectly scaled food forest in an urban area in Gulfport a little north of Sarasota. Albert is the partner of a friend in Permaculture who I met through Scott Mann of the Permaculture Podcast. I have another video I\’m putting together that shows lots of beautiful details regarding Albert\’s way of urban gardening but in the meantime, I put together a small conversation about composting which was released on International Compost Awareness Week. Enjoy!

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