The Way Forward

Now we see.  Now we realize that there is something wrong with the way humans impact the world.

Now, there are many difficult stages we have to go through.  Denial, anger, etc. If we believe that we are powerless, environmental awareness can lead to depression and despair. We feel powerless to reverse such a deep impact over such a long period of time.  It would be helpful if there were something we knew we could do to change things.

The biggest nations in the world represent large industrial threats to the environment.  Many of those including ours here in the United States work under a capitalist economic system.  In a capitalist system, decisions are made on behalf of the consumer base, which also happens to be the constituency.  Therefore, consumer choice informs not only what is made, but how and when the government responds to industry and how it protects the environment.  One could view a capitalist system as a threat… or an opportunity.

YOU are the all-powerful consumer.  Forest Ranch Regenerative has distilled five solutions for consumer-led change.  Through simple shifts in thought and buying patterns, we have the potential to regenerate our environment, our communities, and ourselves.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Reconnect the Disconnected
  3. Adapt Our Picture of Beauty
  4. Adopt Holism
  5. Purchase with Care

I have more on each of the above ideas for consumer-led change and as they become available, they will be linked here.  Thanks for reading!

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