I\’m not actually going to rename the month for you… January is cool and I respect it\’s name! Of course January is a time when a lot of people see an opportunity for new beginnings! Here is a shortlist of things we can do in the new year to regenerate our world and our communities.  If you have any questions about any of these things, please feel free to ask more!

A Few Simple Environmental Regeneration Ideas

  • Don\’t till your garden or farm this season! You\’ll keep the carbon in the ground and avoid killing tons of beneficial organisms!
  • Take single items out of a store without a bag.  No bag needed.  Of course, you can always bring your own bag for more items.
  • Try to reuse everything at least once before throwing it away.  Or recycle! But, find out more about recycling, what\’s recyclable, and what is actually recyclable with a little extra effort.
  • Find a local farmer or store that sources local produce, meats, and other products for whatever it is you eat to survive. Try to get at least one category of foods from within a 30-mile radius of your home and work from there!
  • Try to eliminate packaged/processed foods for one week from your diet and see how you feel!
  • Find a regenerative farmer in your area and volunteer for an afternoon at the farm to see how they have worked within an ecosystem and get a feel for what working with instead of against nature feels like.
  • Each day, find a time and a place to reach down and touch the soil or a plant.

A Few Simple Social Regeneration Ideas

  • The next time you are offended by something someone says, swallow it. Find a place where you can decide if your offense is brought on by your own assumptions.  If it is, take that as a lesson, if it is not, find a way to share your feelings with that person rather than hold it or gossip.  You may discover something!
  • Make something fresh and yummy and bring it to a neighbor you haven\’t really spoken to.  Don\’t let wondering what they can eat stop you from a thoughtful surprise. This is a doorway to a conversation. It may be a stretch for you but even if this is the last time you talked, you\’ve made a community connection.
  • If you have kids, consider making time and space for that play date you always talk about but never do.  Instead of trying to figure out \”who takes the kids\” get everyone to meet somewhere where the kids can play and the adults can talk to one another.
  • Another one for kids of any age, get them involved in a task that makes you frustrated and make it your mission to project an air of comfort and positivity for their sake.  Make it something you do together instead of a chore.
  • Walk to work one day even if it\’s several miles.  Plan accordingly. Pack your phone away in a bag or backpack and leave your earbuds out.
  • Say hello, good morning/afternoon/evening to folks with a smile. Say hello or good day to someone who looks frustrated, lonely or in need of compassion.
  • Find one local organization that you believe in and volunteer. This may require you to make time even if you have to take a day off of work to do that. It could be assisting with ticketing for a community theatre or a fundraiser for a private school that provides scholarships or maybe a cleanup day for a natural space with your local conservancy.  Give it a try this year and consider making it an annual commitment. This routine will grow your will and connect you with like-minded people.

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