PASA 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Conference

I write this now for three reasons. One is that I\’ve finally had the ability to finish several videos from my filming at the conference.  The second reason for this timing is that I\’ve had time to process some of the wonderful experiences and information I collected during this time.  I made some great connections, heard some inspirational keynote speakers, and really gained a spirit of positivity around the sustainability and regenerative movement.

Lastly, I write now because this was the last public event I attended before the COVID-19 outbreak.  It is refreshing to see the creativity and new connections being formed during this time but it is heartbreaking to know all the loss of health, life and of physical and spiritual connectedness that comes from gathering together in the same space.  While I wouldn\’t consider myself anti-technology, it\’s appeal and now necessity has offered itself as a replacement for such things and I see it as a double-edged sword.  When we emerge from the other side of this pandemic, we will see which side of the sword we are on.  Did technology increase our dependence and willingness to accept it as a supplement for human spirit and connectivity? Will we resort to it more often OR will we crave connectivity that is real and present and find ourselves melding ideas and creating new things like we did at this year\’s PASA conference.  All of my grieving and speculating aside, I am glad that this meaningful event was the last one I experienced as I wait patiently to create more moments like it as soon as I can!

The videos I produced from the event so far follow:

Regenerative Farmscape Design Intensive at the Horn Farm Center

Trade Show Floor with Weston A. Price

Trade Show Floor with Wild for Salmon

Josh Tickell Asks \”Where did Agriculture Come From? (Keynote Snippet)

You will see many more of these emerge as the year goes on and preceding next year\’s event I will definitely be releasing a full event recap including an interview I did with Melissa Cipollone from PASA!

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