How to Regress for the Winter

In 2005 I had my first Winter. I had moved to Pennsylvania from the near-tropical region of South Louisiana. When speaking to one of the new friends I made when I moved here, I asked what winter was going to be like.  That fall day was overcast. She pointed at the clouds and explained: \”the sky is going to turn that grey, and it\’s going to be that way until spring.\”  What she didn\’t tell me is that Spring would start more in April than the late February / Early March that I was used to.  And, the skies weren\’t grey all winter but they sure were most of the time.  I can still see her point.  No matter how long your winter is or how claustrophobic the sky makes you, it\’s good to take a break from certain things and focus on others.  Many cultures extrapolate the long nights and short days into tales of dragons and knights and births and rebirths.

I\’ve got big plans for this spring.  I\’m going to put a lot of trees into the ground.  I\’ve been working on my business plan and reading everything I can get my hands on re Agro-forestry, Silvopasture, Carbon Farming and more.  For the most part, I\’m enjoying this downtime… I\’m saving up strength for the coming year and being close to loved ones.

One thing I don\’t want to give up on is my Blog.  So I\’m going to enter a period of writing on a regular basis even if it\’s not a super strategized blog post with 27 eight by ten color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.  I\’ll write here and I\’ll post here and I appreciate you joining me by the fire.

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