Elderberry (American Black Elderberry)

These instructions are for those who have received elderberry cuttings from Dark Hollow Biodynamic in person. the cuttings will already be in soil.



Elderberry prefers moist soil.  It grows best in full sun but tolerates shade.

Depending on conditions the Elderberry can grow between 6 and 16 feet tall.

When planted from cuttings, you should get berries by the third year.



1. Ideally, set the elderberry pots in the place where you will want to plant them and keep watered for several days. This should acclimate them to their new area.

2.  When you are ready to plant dig a hole approximately 6” in diameter and 5-6” deep.

3. Squeeze the container loosening the soil around the edges. Turn the pot upside down over the hole and gently shake it while loosely holding the stalk.  Just be gentle with the roots throughout your project.. Most of the soil may fall off this is ok.

6. VERY IMPORTANT FOR ASSURED SUCCESS: Keep the plant well watered in the first week.

   The soil should remain moist.

7. Slowly reduce your watering over time until the plant seems adjusted to soil.